How to have the smooth, toned, silky skin that you desire.
Even if you’ve given up hope…

This is for any woman that has cellulite that is impacting her life in a negative way.

If cellulite is affecting the way you feel about yourself, preventing you from living life the way you want, and possibly the life of those around you – this is for you.

Do I Qualify?

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Are you frustrated and confused by the fact that you work out, you eat right, and you still have cellulite?
  • Do you hate looking at yourself in the mirror and make every effort not too – especially full length mirrors and when undressed?
  • Do you post photos of yourself on social media that only show your face, never your whole body?
  • Does the simple mention of white pants, shorts, or bathing suits create discomfort or anxiety?
  • Do you miss out on doing things with friends and family members and make excuses for why you can’t be somewhere because you are self conscious about the way you look?
  • Do you worry that you will not be found attractive by your husband/boyfriend?

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  • Proven effective; developed by medical professionals
    An 18 month clinical trial was conducted to study the safety and effectiveness of The Smooth Operator®. The results were compelling! The research has been published by the peer reviewed dermatological medical journal, Cutis. Click here to view results.
  • Innovative Belt Technology
    The Smooth Operator® was designed with your comfort in mind. It utilizes a carefully selected material that adheres to skin, rather than gliding across the skin. The inventor utilizes the same material in his physical therapy clinic to break down scar tissue in post operative patients.
  • No pills, creams, injections or surgical procedures
    The Smooth Operator® is a non-invasive treatment. Removing potential risks associated with invasive procedures and chemical and digestive absorption.
  • Together We Pay it Forward
    When you help yourself and purchase The Smooth Operator ® system you are also helping empower and educate other women and children in your own back yard.
  • Manufactured in America
    Headquartered in Palm City, FL and manufactured in Shelby Township, Michigan, The Smooth Operator ® is being built by women, with women’s needs in mind.
  • Simple, private at home treatment
    Use The Smooth Operator® when it’s convenient for you, from the comfort and privacy of your own home, without the need to book or maintain appointments. In the time that it would take you to drive to your appointment and back you could have completed The Smooth Operator® treatment with time to spare.
  • Easy to follow instructions online, in the manual and on DVD
    Our user manuals were created with your safety and success as our top priorities. Taking into consideration the various learning styles, we have created both written step-by-step instructions and a follow-a-long video for your use.
  • Additional Health Benefits +
    Improve circulation and Reduce general lymphatic congestion. Plus, feels like a massage; tones gluteal and thigh musculature, (Analysis of the results from the clinical trial demonstrate that test subjects had a reduction around the circumference of the gluteal area during their treatment)

The Smooth Operator is wonderfully affordable and easy to use. I am so happy that with just a few minutes a day, I can do something that makes me look and feel good. (did I mention the boost of energy I feel after using this machine? It’s euphoric!).

Katherine, L

* Results may vary