Your satisfaction is a top priority.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please let us know and we will make it right.

To demonstrate our confidence in our product, we are pleased to provide a qualified money-back guarantee. 

If The Smooth Operator Belt fails to produce visible cellulite reduction after 60 days of consistent use as directed, simply send a refund request to Paul’s Engineering, INC. (PEI) at [email protected].  Paul’s Engineering, INC. (PEI) will then refund your purchase price to you upon verifying the following:

  • On the day of each treatment you performed, you completed the treatment log on The Smooth Operator® website to confirm that you performed the treatment as directed and for the required time.  The treatment log is available at
  • You have uploaded timestamped before and after photos to your private owner’s page on The Smooth Operator® website.  The photographs must demonstrate that The Smooth Operator® has failed to produce visible cellulite reduction.  Please note that for privacy reasons, these photographs should only show the treatment area of your body, and PEI does not require or ask that you provide any photographs showing your face.  In the event of any dispute between you and PEI as to whether your photographs demonstrate a failure of The Smooth Operator® to produce visible cellulite reduction, PEI’s determination in its sole discretion will be final and binding.Photo Guidelines:
    • Timestamped before photos must be uploaded to before first use of The Smooth Operator®
    • Photos should be of the treatment area only, we respectfully ask that you do not show your face.
    • Two views are required for submission:
      • A posterior view, between the iliac crest (top of the hip) and the back of the leg in line with the top of the knee, and
      • A side view (right side), between the iliac crest (top of the hip) and the side of the leg in line with the top of the knee.
    • Must wear recommended undergarment for treatment in each photo to ensure that your entire treatment area is visible.
    • Please stand against a white background to take the photo.
    • The photo must be taken at a distance of 48 inches from the camera.
    • Your feet should be hip distance apart, and your gluteal and thigh areas should be clenched.
    • Timestamped after photos must be uploaded to after 60 days of recommended use of The Smooth Operator®. For your reference, example photos appear below:before-example
  • PEI has received your e-mailed refund request within 90 days after your purchase of the product, and PEI has received your return shipment enclosing your Machine and The Smooth Operator® Belt within 21 days after your receipt of your return shipping label from PEI.

Please note that refunds are only available to customers who satisfy all of the above requirements as determined by PEI in its sole discretion.

Please contact us if you need us to help you with your return.  We will contact you regarding your refund request after viewing your photographs, and our decision on your eligibility for a refund will be final and binding.